From 1985 through 2002, Matt Geyer was a Commercial Litigation Partner at two of San Francisco’s premier law firms – Landels Ripley & Diamond and Rogers Joseph O’Donnell – where his practice covered a wide range of legal issues and industries.

In 1991, Mr. Geyer began serving as a neutral arbitrator through the American Arbitration Association, in commercial cases involving a similar range of law and industries. At the end of 2001, he began to focus his practice increasingly on service as a neutral. A year later, in the wake of changes in California law affecting arbitrators and mediators, he left the big firm life – and the conflicts such a practice presents for neutrals – to set up his own firm in San Francisco.

Mr. Geyer’s practice now focuses primarily on service as a neutral arbitrator and mediator. He is a member of the AAA’s National Roster of Commercial Arbitrators, as well as its Large Complex Case Panel, its Securities Panel and its Mediation Panel. He continues to serve as outside counsel to certain long-time clients, and as a party-appointed arbitrator.



Matthew J. Geyer

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